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Monday, 13 January 2014

New Life and Keeping Warm *~*

Its the time of year when we crave for signs of new growth and the tiny glimpses of things to come...
Primulas flowering in my garden,  regardless of frosty nights....
A Rose bud frozen in time waiting for the winter sun to find her....

Bulbs planted in the Autumn peeping out of their cosy beds...
Tiny Houseleeks planted in a teacup kept warm on the windowsill....

Warming bread dough sitting by the radiator....
A homemade quiche baking in the oven....

keeping the kitchen warm  ( even though it seems to be snowing hee hee! )
Winter branches brought in from the cold....
And a tiny new baby Harriet Grace wrapped up snug....Thea xx


  1. a little bit of spring time lovely warm bread and a sweetie of an ganddaughter lovely picture have a lovely week leon10

  2. my friend had some daffodils in a vase yesterday, I love them, make me think of spring :)

  3. Lovely a blogpost full of warm, new fresh life!

  4. And so it starts ... you have flowers already blooming in the garden?! I won't be seeing that until April. Very pretty glimpses of your home, but the prettiest of all is baby Harriet of course ;) Have a great week Thea! Wendy x

  5. Beautiful, Thea, just what I want to be looking at! Your little grand daughter is absolutely adorable.

  6. Oh Thea, your granddaughter is very cute!! I can understand you're so proud!
    Love your crochet guirland, and your first spingsigns.

    Margriet xx

  7. Your granddaughter looks very sweet Thea! What a joy it must be to babysit.

    I enjoyed the first signs of spring in your garden. I can't wait to see them in mine!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  8. Oh Thea, your litte grand-daughter is very sweet, you must be so proud! Pretty little flowers peeping quietly through the soil to say hello....have a lovely week.
    Love Caroline xx

  9. She's such a pretty baby. Little does she know of all the lovely things you are going to make her. There was the scent of spring here on saturday before the wind and rain returned. xx

  10. I tried to leave you a comment, but it didn't seem to show. Harriet Grace is beautiful! Let's hope Spring isn't too far away! X

  11. Harriet Grace is adorable! How nice to think that spring is just around the corner, lovely to see so much new life in all its forms. Barbara

  12. ~ Such a beautiful post,.....full of new beginnings...
    Awww gonna have another peek at Harriet Grace...
    Love Maria x

  13. Such a beautiful post filled with so many beautiful things. I too love this time of year where there is just the faintest promise of a new season looming somewhere in the distance, it gives hope. What a very gorgeous granddaughter you have, she is gorgeous! Wishing you a lovely week Thea xoxo

  14. Harriet Grace is beautiful. Another gorgeous grandchild to treasure.
    I have noticed how many of my bulbs are coming up in the garden. I hope we arent being lulled into a false sense of security.
    P.S. I love the bunny in the first photo!

  15. Lovely post Thea, such a beautiful baby I just want to pick her up and kiss that cute little face. xx


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