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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Visitors on a Cold Windy Day ....

The day is wet cold and windy...a blanket day!!
A day for wearing comfy old leggings and toasty slippers..
And who should pop in to my garden ....a beautiful fox, he looked at the bird table and then disappeared through the hedge...We rarely see foxes here in the Moorlands so a real treat
( Google Photo)

 Then as I was making a cup of tea in the kitchen I spotted a Heron on the barn roof at the bottom of my garden...(this time I had my camera ready..just in case Mr Fox came back)

Just sat down with my mug of tea in the sitting room ...

Looked out into the front garden and saw a Dunnock ( hedge sparrow ) on the bird table...
 Looked again and saw someone else...

 A tiny little Woodmouse...

Where is Chris Packham when you need him!


  1. Lovely to have so many little visitors and not have to get dressed up and entertain, he, he .We get a big fat pheasant in the garden first thing on a morning pinching the bird food. Hope you are well Thea, love Jill xx

  2. aahhh such a lovely, warm post. You have some lovely visitors to your garden the photo of the bird and little mouse did make me smile :-) Have a lovely day, dee x

  3. Hello Dear Thea,
    This is such a delightful post. How lucky you were to see these lovely creatures in your garden. The fox looks so beautiful in all his red glory. A very unique photo of the little fieldmouse and the sparrow, how amazing that the bird did not frighten it away or visa versa. I am off to do the same now, and have a hot cup of tea. Its 4ºc here this morning. wishing you a happy week. val xx

  4. I love seeing little critters coming to our garden. Herons are really imposing aren't they - a bit like something prehistoric! xxx

    1. Hello Lily...yes they are, they unnerve me a bit, I think its the way their legs hang while in flight
      Thea x

  5. Dear Thea,

    It can be so cozy on a cold windy day!
    Here also! With all the birds and other wildlife

    Kisses, Juliëtte.

  6. ~ Mr foxy gentlemen would have made my heart skip a beat or even three....I dream of foxes...It seems your are attracting little visitors to your wonderful table, Thea..Just like us blog ladies, who simply adore your company....Beautiful post, my friend...With twinkly hugs...Maria x

  7. Oh how wonderful - something to really lift the spirits! Jane x

  8. Oh Thea, what a beautiful post! You are so lucky to have such adorable creatures visiting you in your garden. Stay warm and toasty :)
    Caroline xx

  9. hi thea,
    beautiful photos!!
    have a nice evening,

  10. What a lovely post! Sping must be round the corner with all those woodland friends popping by! Chrissie x

  11. Wow you have had some great visitors, they know where they will receive a welcome! Snap, I have the same toasty slippers! Sarah x

    1. Snap... Father Christmas bought them and I love them xx

  12. Wow Thea, it most certainly seems like you have been having the full winter watch in your garden this week. How very lucky to see Mr Fox and then a beautiful Heron. Loving your pretty crochet throw. Enjoy your weekend sweetie xoxo

  13. Nature at it's best, you can't beat it for brightening up the dullest of days!! How adorable is that little mouse......sweet! x

  14. Wow, Thea,

    That fox is a gentlemen of foxes! Isn't he a beauty! And how wonderful that you managed to capture him on film too.

    Happy weekend to you.


    ps It's lovely to catch up with your beautiful posts again.

  15. I love the photos of all the creatures which visited your garden! Amazing what a variety there are. The shot of the heron is great, they are such incredible birds.


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