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Monday, 3 March 2014

kMix Love...*~*

Now as you all know I love to bake and make bread now and then...but as time has gone on I have been finding beating and kneading a little harder to do. I suffer from Fibromyalgia (muscle and joint pain) and my hands get very cold and stiff, a side effect from my Thyroid's not bad but very annoying...
So you can imagine how excited I was when Fin told me he was going to buy me a Food Mixer..( I do have a hand one but even this is hard work sometimes)
One Saturday my lovely hubby had one of these delivered...A Kenwood kMix
I was trembling as I opened so special

I chose a Candy Blue kMix and I love it

I keep walking past her a giving her a stroke she is going to be such a help....
I made flat breads today so so easy...
I think I shall call her Maud..( a powerful battler )

Thank you all for your kind words on my last post... Thea xx


  1. You lucky lucky lady. I have severe mixer envy now. Torn between the kitchenaid and this now! What a dilemma. Love the colour you chose.

  2. Dear Thea
    I hope Maud proves to be the treasure that she seems to be! I love her colour. I foresee many happy hours for you baking with Maud at your side!
    Best wishes

  3. What a beautiful present Fin gave you Thea!!! I hope baking will be less painful with this beautiful device!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  4. You've got me tempted to get one too. I have a hand mixer so something a little more powerful for bread would be lovely.

  5. Wow, it's a beautiful present, and I love the color. This one is now on my wishlist!

    x Margriet

  6. Very nice Thea! You'll love the ease - I just wrote about my mixer as well, different brand but starting with a K! I can't believe how easy it is now to bake. Now we'll need to go on diets at my house with all my mixing!!

    Enjoy Maude. I haven't come up with a name yet but my daughter keeps calling "him" Mac because it's a green apple color and I love Mac apples!

  7. Lucky!!!! gorgeous present Thea. I having been eyeing up one of these up for a little while now as you can get them in the big store here ....quite a bit more expensive of course than in the Uk which is a deterrent but not a hopeless case LOL! I have paraded Sr P up and down this department several times but he doesn't seem to be getting the idea! I must be doing something wrong!!!
    I do like the colour of this one!


    Amanda :-)

  8. Btead is something I've never made, always just seemed like too much hassle! Love the colour, and the name..perfect x

  9. lovely present and a sweet blue color baking is a lot easyer with this little house helpfriend and he looks great like the ones in the british bake off show you can make a lot of lovely yummy nice sweet things have a very nice weekend leon10

  10. It's beautiful and I love the colour. Enjoy! Xx

  11. I want one too....I LOVE her colour so very much....You are going to be putting her to some very good use, Thea....Just catching up with you! And yep I'm back again...x
    Hugs Maria x

  12. Isn't it wonderful ??? I am a new follower. I recognize your problem. I have a hand mixer too, but just bought a Kenwood prospero with my birthday money. I too have hand problems because of thyroid disease ( Hashimoto).
    It is fantastic to use. Your bread looks wonderful. fun with the mixer !!

    1. Thank you for your kind words...Glad to hear you love your new Kenwood too...It nice to have a helping hand in the kitchen
      Thea x

  13. Welcome home Maude!
    Best wishes

  14. Hi Thea, congratulations on getting a fab new Kenwood and also on having such a lovely, thoughtful other half! :-) xx

  15. Ohhhhh Maud looks beautiful! I have always coveted one of these beauties but they are a tad pricey and i don't really have the worktop or cupboard space, but seeing your lovely Maud makes me really want one too!
    I hope you get lots of enjoyment from using it, it will be a real boon to you and save your poor arms.
    Gill xx

  16. Ooh I love the name Maud (also the name of one of my poor, late chickens!) was my Grandma's second name ... also love the mixer.

    So sorry you're suffering Thea, hope Maud takes some of the strain away from you sweetie.

    Love Claire xxx

  17. Hello lovely Thea, I am so pleased to see you got a KMix, they simply are the best, possibly because I am biased, but hey I will always be a Kenwood gal. I must say I got mine around 3-4 years ago and it is one of my all time fave pressies, so enjoy every minute of it!! Ps love the blue, mine is cream it is lovely to see them bringing a little more colour options out these days xoxo

  18. That is a beautiful mixer! Love the colour, and so retro looking :) As I get older, I'm finding aches & pains where there weren't any before too. It's nice to have someone looking out for you (he must really be looking forward to more baking now!). Have a great weekend! Wendy x

  19. Oh Maud is gorgeous, and such a beautiful colour - Enjoy her!

  20. That looks beautiful and will be so useful, the perfect combination!

  21. Oh you are going to bake some lovely things now Thea, Maude is lovely and such a pretty colour. I have my mums old kenwood mixer which must be 40yrs old and still going strong. Hope you are well, love Jill xx


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