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Monday, 10 March 2014

Mondays are for...*~*

I know I should be doing the ironing...

But...It was such a lovely day 
instead I popped out into the garden with a mug of tea in my hand...
just to enjoy the sunshine, the spring flowers...

and listen to the birds singing..they are so loud, all marking their territories with their beautiful

pretty hellebores brighten a shady spot...I could stay out here all day 

Then stepping back into the kitchen I looked at Maud and she tempted me away from  ....
to making this....
A lovely rye bread...

and then I just could not help myself I just had to have a peep in my new book...

 then just as I was going to pick the iron up the postman knocked with a special delivery for me! a beautiful little handmade vintage pin cushion from Gill  at gillyflower so pretty...Thank you so very much Gill xx
 Oh no it's still there!!!

There at last it is done...until tomorrow anyway...Thea xx


  1. So glad the pincushion arrived safely Thea!
    I too have neglected the chores for better things - just have to make the most of the sunshine!
    Gill xx

  2. Oh yes, far too lovely for laundry! :)

  3. As much as I love ironing I think I would have spent the day in the garden as it was much too nice not to!! Ooohhh a new Mary Berry book....xx

  4. Ironing the laundry is still waiting for me, the weather was too beautiful to be inside so I was in the garden and tonight I am too tired.....

  5. I was going to do my ironing today but I got lead outside into the garden and spent the afternoon tidying, sweeping and finding lots of plants coming to life. Your bread looks lovely you could share it with us all, lol.Love Jill xx

  6. I got as far as moving the dried washing from downstairs to upstairs before the sun tempted me outside in the garden! Far to nice to be inside & waste the sunshine.

  7. It's much nicer to be able to do what we 'want' to do, rather than what we 'must' do, isn't it Thea ... you even make ironing look inviting though!

    A little bird tells me you're visiting my little town soon ... hope you have fun!

    Love Claire xxx

  8. Don't blame you for enjoying the garden on a lovely day.. I managed to get the ironing done today because although the sun was shining we had a NE wind which was making it rather chilly. x

  9. My goodness Thea, you were a busy little bee. Must admit I would rather bake or garden than iron these days!

  10. A lovely post Thea.
    I do believe that Spring is nearly here.. more enjoyable to sit and enjoy tea outside.. ironing can wait.
    Your bread looks so scrumptious ...
    Your garden is full of lovely flowers.
    val xxx

  11. Glad I am not the only one who gets distracted...your home always looks so orderly!

  12. Maud does look stylish. I name everything too- my family think I am bonkers, so I am glad to see I am not alone!! x

  13. Maud looks very stylish and the bread she made you looks scrumptious! :-)


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