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Monday, 31 March 2014

Saturday in the Shropshire Countryside *~*

Saturday we took ourselves out for a drive around the Shropshire countryside...
We saw lots of sweet lambs....
lots of nosey ducks...
And of course we found a Tea Room!!
Tucked away on the edge of a village..
surrounded by a pretty courtyard garden..
 which lead through to the fields beyond...
the tea room puss cat found hiding in the shrubs...
We had a lovely lunch a then jumped back in the car and continued our tour...
The farms were very busy with lambs everywhere...

We had a lovely day out with lots of stops to enjoy the spring in the sunshine...
Thank you for your words..and I am so pleased to say my Laptop is better now..Thea xx


  1. That was a lovely post, Thea. Lambs, cats, tea and the countryside. What a glorious day that would be. Deb

  2. I love the little lambs, did you see the lambing live on tv ? So adorable.x

    1. Yes I did, so so sweet, I am amazed that they can stand up so quickly!
      bless them..
      Thea xx

  3. Ah yes - Spring lambs are a sure sign of the fresh year ahead....and coupled with a nice tea shop what could be better!

    Hoping for sunny days ahead (very foggy here today!)
    Best wishes

  4. What pretty countryside and that teashop looks perfect. Isn't this spring weather beautiful? I have loved catching up with your last few posts. xx

  5. Hi Thea, Thankyou for a lovely outing with such dreamy pictures for this Kiwi gal. I just love England and it's quaint old villages and towns. I'm very excited to be going there this May. Yikes, that's next month. Here I come. Blessings, Trills.

    1. How exciting for you I hope our weather is kind to you..take lots of photos
      Thea xx

  6. Now now that looks like the perfect stroll to me :) x

  7. What pretty pictures of a lovely day out Thea! I'm sorry I missed your last post, but would just like to say I love your beautiful china too.

    Happy April

    love Claire xx

  8. What a delightful weekend you both had Thea. You are having better weather in England, than we are here. Our weather is so so bad. Its rain rain rain and so cold.
    Isn't that little tea room such a delightful place.. how I would love to take tea there one day.
    Its lambing season her too.. poor little things are getting a thrashing with the rain.
    lovely photos of your weekend trip.
    happy days dear Thea. val xxx

  9. Lovely pictures of Shropshire. It does remind me to our holidays two years ago on a Shropshire sheepfarm near Ludlow, I love that countryside.

  10. Beautiful spring images of the British countryside Thea! It's why I always enjoy visiting :-)

    Have a lovely month of April!

    Madelief x

  11. A girl after my own heart Thea. I love going for lovely country walks and if we happen to come across a lovely little tea shop too......Heaven!

  12. What a lovely day out... those lambs are so sweet. :o) x

  13. Ooh lambies, tea rooms, kitties and beautiful gardens!
    Sounds the most perfect day to enjoy, Thea...
    LOVE all the photographs here!
    Glad you are better now and your lap top has recuperated!!
    Enjoy this lovely month my friend....
    I'm most certainly going too! hehe
    With kindest thoughts...
    Maria x

  14. Wonderful pictures and the tea room looks wonderful. A great outing !!
    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  15. I somehow got lost in cyberspace and have finally just now found my way back to your lovely blog. Love this tea room, and it even has a black cat! x

    1. There must be something strange going on ..I have lost some blogs too!!
      creepy....Yes a lovely tea rooms just how it looks unspoilt and delicious..and a sweet little black cat T xx

  16. The tea room you discovered for lunch looks delightful and the lambs so cute.
    Sarah x

  17. The countryside is just beautiful at the moment, thanks for sharing your trip.

  18. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I love the cotswolds, especially at this time of year and if tearooms are involved.


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