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Saturday, 26 April 2014

A Day Spent in the Beautiful Lakes....*~*

A few weekends ago ..Fin and I drove up country to the Lake District..
It takes us about 2 hours ( if the traffic is kind )
It was one of those beautiful Sunday mornings when you just know it is going to be special...
We arrived in Hawkshead just as it was waking up..quite empty and quiet ( for a change )...
It was a pleasure to walk about in the warm spring air watching the shopkeepers preparing for the day ahead...
We said our goodbyes to the lakeland village,  jumped back into our car and took the scenic route through the hills...

We stopped off for lunch in Ullswater just perfect...
Ullswater was quiet and calm, sparkling  in the afternoon sun, the air warm and still...

Back in the car and a drive to the northern side of the lake....Pooley Bridge

By now the sun was setting and a light mist hung over the water...

It created such a beautiful light, Fin and I just stood there holding hands while watching the evening unfold..

Time to leave and bid farewell to this perfect day xx


  1. hello thea the lake district is lovely I have been there on holiday onces so pretty and cosy and a beautiful nature its a nice day trip iits on the boders of schotland for a day its such a nice trip love beatrix potter figures and storys have you also been in bowness on windermere theres a little museum of beatrix potter the lakes are so calm and very lovely love the little stone walls on land boders but you see them also in schotland yorkshire wales and ireland have seen top hill farm its only a day trip I know but may be you have seen it have a nice sunday leon10

    1. Yes it is magical..I have been to Hill Top Farm a few times in the past..beautiful and fascinating
      Thea xx

  2. Morning lovely you...
    I'm smiling Thea as you've been up my neck of the woods again! hehe..
    I have the very same picture of Peter rabbit, that I took a fortnight ago, when we were in Hawkshead for our wedding anniversary! I am a wondering did you go in Poppy red for tea and cakes.?. I bet you both did.....
    Lovely pictures so very dreamy..
    Hugs and kisses ..
    Maria x

    1. Hello Twink
      How did you guess !!! Poppy Red is not to be missed
      I have connections with Hawkshead...have been visiting since 1970's
      speak soon
      Thea xx

  3. Wow! The Lake District is very beautiful! I wanted that I could drive to in 2 hours, but unfortunately it's a (much) longer drive for me. But maybe...ever... :-) (It's high on my wishlist!) I do have very much enjoyed your photos.
    Have a nice sunday!

    xx Margriet

  4. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing this wonderful day trip.
    BTW I love the dress you made ; )
    Have a great day.

  5. Really lovely photos Thea.
    The places you visited look so nice.
    you were lucky to have had a good sunny day.
    So pleasing for you both to be together in such a lovely setting.
    val x

  6. The Lake District is stunning isnt it? I dont think we could really do it in a couple of hours from here, we prefer to stay over if we go.Have a great week Thea XX

  7. How lucky you are to be able to visit for a day - it takes us a good 6 hours if the traffic's good. Ullswater is our favourite lake and I have very happy memories of my childhood holidays and those of my sons playing in the shallows and boat trips on the Lady of the Lake. My Fathers ashes are scattered in Ullswater too. xx

  8. Hello Karen...It certainly is a special place and obviously very very special for you..I took my three on the Lady of the Lake too some years ago we all loved it ( I wonder if you where there!! )
    Thea xx

  9. How wonderful, I've only been to the lakes once, I do hope I can return one day :) x

  10. The Lake District is a special place isn't it - we last went to Ullswater 20 years ago and always promising to go back (the traffic puts us off to be honest). When I was a teenager I climbed/walked Scafell Pike...something tells me that I would not be able to manage that if I tried today....
    Thank you for the memories
    Best wishes

    1. I know how you feel Jenny..My eldest son climbed it a fortnight ago he said I should try it...( I don't think so.)....we used to do a lot of climbing and walking with the children in the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales but I have now hung my boots up..I shall stick to a nice leisurely walks
      Thea xx


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