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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dress No. 2 *~*

I have the bug now.... I have made another dress....
This time a zip was required...eeek !
I could not make" head nor tail " of  the pattern instructions...but "youtube" came to my rescue....
where a very nice lady took me by the hand and showed me how to put in an invisible zip...Yay!              (the zip went in beautifully but I could not say it was invisible Boo!)    it is under the arm so I shall just walk around with my arms down all day!!

Now I had better do some housework...Thea xx


  1. It's lovely Thea! Well done for putting the zip in too! I love the floral fabric with the contrast plain yoke - it makes it unique.
    It's such a drag we have to do housework too - why can't the fairies (or elves?) do it whilst we have a ball making things all day long?
    I was good today and did housework all morning so I could play all afternoon, he he! Some days I just play all day and then everything builds up and hubby has no clean shirts and the kitchen looks a tip!
    I know there will be a number 3 dress. Look forward to seeing it, enjoy wearing no.s 1 and 2!
    Gill xx

  2. It's a lovely dress, I do like the two colour combination. Youtube is fantastic isn't it, it is partly the reason I am able knit & crochet now. It tends to make more sense if you can see someone doing what is new to you.

  3. Good job, very pretty but simple.

  4. Well done! You look lovely in your dress Thea, love the fabric you've chosen :) x

  5. Such a totally feminine and pretty dress, it is beautiful, and it looks soooo comfortable, too! Well done! Chrissie x

  6. What a lovely dress Thea! It looks great on you!!!

    Happy evening,

    Madelief x

  7. hello thea this dress is also very pretty little jane austen like lovely

  8. Hello Thea, your dress is lovely and it really suits you. Each time I visit you I always go away wanting to make something. Barbara

  9. I love your dress Thea! Well done, and it's such a pretty fabric you've choosen.
    Have a nice weekend!

    Margriet x

  10. You are so clever Thea.
    I like your dress, you have done a good job.
    I am sure now you have the bug, you will be making more!
    happy may.. val xx

  11. ~ Phew, been a busy bee, but am here at long last..
    Beautiful...I love it, Thea..
    Well done once again...I am wishing us a summer like last year so we can all wear our pretty frocks...
    Have a super bank holiday, I am off work till Wednesday now, and it feels nice to have the break,,,
    with kindest hugs..
    Maria x

  12. Really beautiful Thea, I keep trying to leave comments but can't seem to get them through. Hope this works. x

    1. Ahh I got this one... thank you so much
      Thea x

  13. Catching up Thea! I love your dress.Very pretty. I bought a copy of this months Prima magazine which has a lovely dress/tunic pattern free and thought I might have a go at making myself something. I dont know when I will find time as we are going to the Cotswolds for a week come friday and I havent given packing much of a thought yet, which I should do really because we are both working all week.I am supposed to be doing our evening clinic the day before we go and we dont finish until 7pm! I must get organised tomorrow methinks! Have a great week Thea.XX

    1. Oh Anne your are so busy ,I do feel for you...Your break in the Cotswolds will be earned in full! I bet you cannot wait..such a pretty place to be
      Thinking of you
      Thea xx


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