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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Sewing ...A Dress !!

As many of you ladies have, I loved the "Great British Sewing Bee" BBC program...
I loved the idea of having at making a garment for myself... ( I know many of you have joined in to make a skirt with Daisy.. ) very exciting

I have not attempted to make a garment for years and years. I think the last time was at school when we all had to make a nightdress....(mine was made in yellow and pink seersucker fabric  with a tie ribbon neck!! )

So I took myself of to the fabric shop with my piece of paper scribbled with a list measurements and notions needed to make my dress...the lady was very helpful and said she had been very busy..I chose a pretty blue floral poplin fabric...
I traced my pattern then got cutting..I took my time and thought things through (several times) before I made the first cut...
I made sure my fabric pattern ran the right way ( the nap)...which did mean I had to change the order of the pattern printed in the book
My new sewing room was a dream to work in... lots of light and room to move about..( I was waiting for Claudia Winkleman to appear! )
The dress....

It was quite a baggy pattern with no fastenings... just a pop over dress
I did have to put a extra pleat in the neckline as it was too wide...
I was so pleased that the sleeves set in very well ...just a little easing needed

It is very different from what I normally wear but I love it ...I hope you like it too Thea xx

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement the pattern I used was from ...

Stylish Dress Book: Wear with Freedom [With Pattern(s)] by Yoshiko Tsukiori ...with a few of my own tweaks! 


  1. Such a lovely dress, it looks a bit as Laura Ashley style, which I used to wear when I was younger.

  2. What pretty fabric - what pattern did you use? The dress looks fab xx

  3. Dear Thea
    Your dress looks great and will be very versatile, I think, as it can be layered for cooler days. Many congratulations!
    I am joining in with the sew-along too though am sadly behind. I am determined to make a skirt though!
    Best wishes

  4. I do love it Thea - very summery! Well done.

  5. lovely like the blue flowerpatron the great sewing bee thats a spinoff of the bake off
    I believe but de dress look great like a liberties fabrick or burleigh pottery have a nice day leon10 ps. looks very great on you

  6. Morning lovely Thea..
    Well done, your dress is beautiful....It's the material and style that's just beautiful to wear either day or night time..
    Goodness it's quite an age since i made any thing to wear....But i do remember the joy that you've created something that's totally unique to you and can't be bought of a rail with lots of others..
    Go forth and sparkle, my friend *****, you'll be the belle of the ball...
    with hugs Maria x

  7. Ooh you are clever Thea! Love it ... it reminds me of bluebell woods ...

    Love Claire xxx

  8. Hi Thea,
    I LOVE your dress and the fabric you've used! Good job, it fits you well! I hope the tv-makers in the Netherlands will make a Dutch version of the Sewing Bee (like they did with the Great Britisch Bake Off). I've seen it once on BBC, and I like it!

  9. Your dress is very pretty Thea. It will be perfect for summer. Lots of blogland ladies are making clothes and I am feeling very inspired but its a long time (like you) since I last made anything to wear. Sally from Lavender Attic and I are planning to get together to have a sewing day when we get back from the Cotswolds in a few weeks. She is a much better sewer than I am and I'm hoping to pick up lots of tips!

  10. Well done Thea your dress is so pretty. I have thought about making something but Iv only ever made the night shirt at school as most of us seem to have done. Enjoy your sewing. Love Jill xx

  11. So pretty Thea! I love both the fabric and the style, and it looks wonderful on you!
    I have just bought a new dress pattern too!
    Gill xx

  12. Oh so pretty! I too enjoyed watching The Sewing Bee and last summer bought some fabric remnants, but as yet I haven't found the time to make anything! Your post is very inspirational. Best wishes, Pj x

  13. Very, very cute - Love it!

  14. Brilliant Thea!! Love those pics ....that dress is just you!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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