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Thursday, 15 May 2014

A Visit to a very Unstately House....*~*

Calke Abbey,Derbyshire is a very unstately house....we paid Calke a visit a few weekends ago
The servants had long gone.. the house had been left in its state of decline, the owner had run low on his luck and his funds, no family to inherit his house and land....(he left it to the NT )
It was fascinating to see rooms full of furniture not in any order but just stored as ( junk )
Books everywhere...
Children's chairs just left in a corner along with the hip bath...
Toys just left... looking just like the little person had popped out for something and would be back any minute...
The dining room has been renovated to show how grand the house had been in its heyday...( NT image )

The grounds were vast and sweeping ...Cowslips growing as far as the eye can see...
Garden buildings packed full of the past....
A family of Scarecrows waiting for their" big day"...
dilapidated hot house....
Glass houses full of Geraniums...

A theatre of Auricular dancing in the sun ....
A house full of questions and home full of the past...fascinating
Thea xx


  1. How interesting and intriguing!! I love this! What a treasure of wonderful artifacts, and the way they've just been abandoned is a bit spooky. I hope the original owner gets to come back in a few years to revisit his home when the NT fixes it up even more. But really, wouldn't it be cool if it was left a little bit shabby. Wendy x

  2. hello thea very sad house story for the owner and his history but lovely to see that the national trust takes care of it now its a very pretty building to see with a lot of history and scerets too but love the photos from youre visiting the house
    and take a look inside this old house with all the old thing in it very special to see hope that the take a good care of the home now
    very lovely post thank you for sharing this have a nice day leon10

  3. Fascinating to see a Stately Home that hasn't been stately in a while :-)

  4. wow fabulous images Thea, what a great place !!
    Gail x

  5. That looks a really interesting place to visit Thea, it must have seemed rather sad and strange to see a large stately home left in such disarray when we are used to seeing them dressed up as they were in their heyday. Presumably the NT will gradually do up each room as funds allow? What a fascinating project!
    Thanks for sharing, I must add this to my places to visit list.
    Gill xx

    1. It was fascinating Gill, I think the NT are going to leave it as it is, just to portray the rise and fall of the wealthy estates, well worth a visit ( although there are a lot of stuffed animals which I rushed past) Txx

  6. Fascinating Thea. I'm just catching up on my blog reading. I would have loved to have had a rummage through those rooms!
    Love auriculas and that auricula theatre is so pretty.

  7. Thea it's one of my favourite places - I love the fact that it has been pretty much left alone - it gives it a spookily 'real' atmosphere. So glad you enjoyed your day there x Jane

  8. ~ ooh I agree with Mrs Jane above..
    Wonderful atmospheric place....And a super day out...
    Just catching up with you, thea...time has passed me by this jolly old month!
    I love the Auricular's and the Geraniums too..
    hugs Maria x

  9. Lovely images, those auriculas are just stunning. I really loved the garden buildings too, what a horde of treasures. I would love a visit. Fiona x


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