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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Double Busy!! *~*

Ooooh it has been a busy time in my house...after a wonderful few days away (just Fin and I )
My daughter's little girls had their christening this weekend...
I made the tier sponge cake.. bottom tier fruit
It was a little tricky as it had to travel wooden skewers had to be inserted

I made them Angels...

embroidered their petticoats....
They were as good as gold.....Bless xx


  1. You are a very talented lady, Thea. Lovely cake and such sweet children. Deb

  2. lovely sweet cake pretty angels dolls and a lovely photo from the christening
    hope you all had a lovely pretty day

  3. Awww they're so very cute. I'm sure the girls will love the angels. The cake looks too beautiful to eat, but it must have been so delicious.
    Congratulations with the Christening of your granddaughters.

  4. ~ What a beautiful post..
    Wonderful cake. ( clever you ) and of course those Angel's are adorable....
    Ooh and I LOVE those other Angeles with the embroidered memories on their pretty petticoats....
    Glad you busy times have been ones to last in memories to keep for always..
    Hugs maria x

  5. Amazing cake Thea, you are multi-talented! Such a lovely idea making them Christening Angels too, they are beautiful and will be treasured. The girls look adorable!
    Hope you had a realxing few days away.
    Gill xx

  6. You are SO clever- they look beautiful x

  7. A beautiful cake and beautiful little girls x

  8. That cake looks yummy and the angels you made are so pretty. Well done!
    The girls are beautiful.
    Love from Holland; Leonie

  9. As soon as I saw that lovely cake I knew it was your work. It looks fantastic and it must have been a relief to see it survive the journey in one piece. Your grand daughters look so cute! Sarah x

  10. Aaahw, the girls are very cute!! And the dresses, cake and the dolls are so pretty Thea! You've been very busy. Enjoy your weekend!

    xx Margriet

  11. What beautiful things you have made for them! The cake is wonderful, and those pretty angels will be treasured! Chrissie x

  12. Beautiful granddaughters and what a lovely cake. You have made a lovely job of decorating that Thea. My youngest granddaughter is being christened on Sunday and we are looking forward to that. Have a great week XX

  13. Dear Thea,
    What a beautiful christening cake you made for your grandaughters.. You really excelled, very professional
    Sweet little grandaughters, so pretty. They must have adored the angels
    wishing you a happy week Thea.
    val xx

  14. Hi Thea - just stumbled on your blog and must say I've spent a while looking through it. It's lovely! Your handiwork is gorgeous too - clever lady.

  15. The cake looks gorgeous, as do the angels - such precious gifts.

  16. The cake is a work of art!! New Follower.

  17. Hi Thea - what a gorgeous cake.

    I'm just starting to get a bit more settled in (surroundings and back to blogging) but *big waves* - how lovely you are now just up the road from me. I have a feeling I'm going to meet some lovely people now I'm here.

    Nina x

  18. Oh Thea the cake and angels are amazing ,well done on your


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