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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Time Ticks on so Quickly *~*

I am so shocked to see it has been 6 months since I wrote a post (thank you all for your kind words) yes I am fine and very happy...I just have had loads of things to do, at first I thought I would just have a little break
Then out of the blue I started a little online business, and it really took off big stylee!
I have now stopped for a while to take some time out until next year... Phew!!
 So at last I have had time to slow down and do a little Christmas baking
While listening to this..
and eating these .. satsumas (I love them)
Time to get my little house ready for the Winter Thea xx


  1. Hi Thea nice to see you back, I absolutely love your blog, I am reading it right from the start at the moment, please keep posting if you have the time x

  2. Thea, it's good to see your post today. What is your new business? Enjoy the season!!

  3. So nice you are back again, you have a lovely blog. Am I very curious when I ask you what kind of business you have?

  4. I'm intrigued too! Have fun with your festivities. x

  5. Welcome back. Lovely to hear from you again. Best wishes, Pj x

  6. Hello Thea....glad to hear all is well and really nice to have you back. First of congratulations on the success of your new business and like everyone here I would love to know what it is! :-)
    I know so well about how time passes us by was summer a minute ago and now Christmas is hovering near tch!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  7. Hi Thea, It's my first visit here and what a beautiful blog you have! I've been a bit behind in blog visiting but I shall add you to my list and look forward to coming again. Have a lovely weekend! :)
    Jess x

  8. I'm so happy to hear you are fine and well. I ve been thinking of you. Congratulations on your new venture. Lots of love Julie xxx

  9. Lovely to see you back Thea! Maria has kept me up to date about your business. Sounds fab�� I'm not surprised it was so successful as you have a good eye for design��I haven't written my blog for two months, I've found instagram easier and quicker as I'm so short on time these days. It's nice that you are well Take care love Anne

  10. It is good to hear that you are fine and enjoying a little down time.
    Love the tree branch trees. I want to try something like that, if I can find the right branches and snow or glitter spray. Have a wonderful week.
    Connie :)

  11. Hi Thea, It's good to hear you're fine. Sometimes you need a break, and that's oke. I hope you keep on posting because I love your blog. Enjoy this time to Christmas, it's my favourite time of the year. Have a nice week.

    x Margriet

  12. Lovely to see you back Thea. Congratulations on your new business venture :o) xx

  13. Hello Thea, it's lovely to know that you are fine and exciting to hear of your online business. I received the beautiful doll you so kindly sent via Maria, she is delightful and has been living in Dotty (my caravan) but will be featuring in my Christmas decorations ... thank you so much! I sent you an email but don't think you can have got it, but I want you to know that I am very grateful ... I too have been very absent from blogland lately and hope to get back in the swing of it soon. So glad you're ok xxxxxx

  14. Hi Thea, It was lovely to see a post from you again" I have missed the changing displays from you dresser. Congratulations on the success on your on line business. I would be interested to hear more about it. Sarah x


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